Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow in Oklahoma!

Just wanted to share a picture of what we have going on here in Oklahoma! WOW!! Had to show some of my beautiful birds also, I've feed them twice already today. Hungry little buggers!! (yes, the date is wrong on my keeps changing on me! This was taken on 1/29/10 my grandson Danny's 12th birthday!)


  1. As a transplanted Okie, I can say that RARELY do y'all get snow that lasts more than a day. I'm sure those poor birds don't know what to think after having the last week in the 40s & 50s.

    I remember the ice covering everything...PSO & GTE trying to restore power for DAYS...oil lamps for reading and playing games by. I've been in Utah 13 years (14 this April) & my kids have never known a snow day off from school & we've had it as high as the hood of a pickup truck! *LOL*

    Stay warm, GF! Happy birthday to Danny!

  2. wow, hope you are all safe. hear it's crazy there.

  3. Holy cow. I have family in KC...wonder if they got any? It's been a weird season, huh? But that's a beautiful picture. Looks so serene.

  4. debi, i hope all is well there. haven't heard from you....