Tuesday, January 19, 2010


For the wonderful comments! I have so much I want to post and show you...I am by no means an expert like so many demos out there, but I do truly love and enjoy this hobby of mine!

Ok, the Blog Candy goes to
Heather in Florida
If you will email me your snail mail I will get this right out to you.....If I don't hear from you by Thursday at noon I will have to pick another winner...Hope I hear from you!
AND since all of you made my head swell so much I'm going to do a survey and see what kind of blog candy you like! I am hoping to give some blog candy away at least once a month and give it away in different ways! So look for a survey to come along! I appreciate all of you *following* me even though I hit the *20* mark....gheesh, you do like me, you really really do like me....lol..I love giving things away....ask my club members!


  1. you ARE one of the most generous people i know. :)

  2. Holy cow! I just emailed you. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  3. I love coming back and reading cause you have a way with words, but I love the cards too

  4. you are a very kind person I am glad I
    can help in some kind way also