Monday, September 20, 2010


I did not mean *RETIREMENT* party from blogging and Stampin' Up! somehow with summer and kids at home that is exactly what happened! I have alot to show you because I did not take the summer off of creating and playing with my paper! In fact, I am doing more now that ever and loving it! I went to a one day regional seminar for Stampin' Up! in Ft. Worth and have some projects to show you from there ...wonderful things and meant some great people...actually shared a room with someone I have never even talked to on the internet or anywhere..just advertised that I needed a roomate and she said to come on down and we really hit it off and had a great time (Hi, Kristi!!!)...

Ok, I will begin posting projects later tonight...hubby is finally leaving the house (he is your classic couch potato hermit..urrggg) so I will be

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